Tyre Warmers 120/17 – 200/17 RENNGRIB Superbike 80° black

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RENNGRIB Superbike 80 ° tire warmer

Our new model 2018 with 80 ° fix temperature, perfect for all racing tires on the market!
The new dual-radial heating system has a special arrangement and ensures complete warm-up of the tires right up to the edge of the tire. The wide elastic band allows an excellent and almost wrinkle-free fit of the tire warmers on the tire, so the rims also will be warmed.

  • Temperature is kept fixed at 80 °
  • perfect for all racing tires
  • new technique when sewing, almost no wrinkles and perfect fit on the tire
  • new double radial heating system in every tire warmer!
  • Heating wires to the edge of the tire
  • very fast heating
  • wide elastic wide in the rims
  • special insulation in sandwich construction
  • Color: Black
  • 2 years warranty
  • Including a black RENNGRIB carrier bag
  • optional: RENNGRIB premium GP bag for tire warmers or helmet with two outer pockets inside, ventilated, embroidered logos

Fits 120/70 17 front and 180-200 17 rear

Top tire warmer set in high quality with great price / performance

All common racing tires require a pre-heating temperature of about 75-85 ° (exceptions are for example KR slicks or rain tires). Who preheats his racing tires with clearly audible Temp. Risk tire damage and also a higher or faster wear of the tires.

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